Sunday, June 24, 2012

Poetry and Short Stories by Sue Ellis Published

Mused, BellaOnline Literary Review published two Sue Ellis poems in the 2012 summer solstice issue. Read them here, begining with a tale about her new puppy. Out and About. Then press the Next button on the poem page three times to read Running on Air , about a long-ago day on the Palouse.

The Fledgling, one of her short stories was recently reprinted at BluePrint Review. The Fledgling was first published in the fall 2010 issue of Flashquake.

The celebrated author grew up on the Palouse, and drove the ninety-mile mail route out of Rockford, before her retirement. A versitile author, Ellis publishes both prose and poetry, drawing from her experiences and memories.

Ellis lives and writes near Spokane, Washington. Her poems, short stories, book reviews and essays have appeared in publications such as The Shine Journal, Wild Violet, The Christian Science Monitor, Internew Review of Books, and The Cynic Online Magazine. She's a member of Internet Writing Workshop. 

"The Workshop is open to all styles and genres of writing: literary fiction, genre fiction, poetry, children's writing, essays, newspaper articles, scripts, you name it. Members do not need to be published writers, only to be serious about writing and about wanting to improve."
IWW also includes Writing, the list where members of all the above lists touch base to discuss writing-related subjects, and post "Yahoos."


  1. Thank you, Mona. You make me sound very productive, although I'm a piker compared to most of the writers at IWW. Neat place to learn something new or to pass a rainy day, but most importantly, to discover that there are hundreds of others who love the written word as much as you do, and who are generous enough to share their stories, and their knowledge.

  2. It's true that other members of Internet Writing Workshop are prolific, publishing writers, and many more are writers who work hard at their craft - in multiple genre's. For sure, Internet Writing Workshop,
    is the place to develop your writing skills, support other writers, learn, and "Yahoo" successful publication.

    Mona Vanek, Editor & freelance writer.
    Montana Scribbler,
    Behind These Mountains,